Suitable 4 Framin' - Full Color Issue #12

Image of Suitable 4 Framin' - Full Color Issue #12


Issue #12 is our all Oakland special, featuring works by:

• Aloy, Amend, Begr, Mark Bode, Broke, David Choe, Deadeyes, Dr. Revolt, Done, Dream, GATS, Geso, Hero, Hex, Japan, Jurne, Keep Hood Yours, Klass, Lady Karma, King 157, Kufue, Lango, Lead, MQ, Orfn, Natrl, Nychos, Optimist, Pemex, Persue, Ras Terms, Refa, Remio, Rime, Roar, Satyr, Skil, Stab, Steel, Sworne, Syne, Trav, Twist, Vogue, and many others.
• Special sections devoted to East, West, and Downtown Oakland.
• Selected works from the Oakland Museum of California and Oakland Terminal Gallery.
• Freight and Trucks.
• Tags and Throws.

44 Pages, 5.5" x 8.5", Full Color

All orders come with extras (stickers, postcards, randomness, etc.)!!!